Lodge Philosophy

Slow & Steady

Progression through the degrees is not a race.  The voyage is the purpose, the destination is secondary.  So Columbia Lodge's approach to mentorship will focus on ensuring that Brothers and Candidates develop a deep understanding of the Craft as they progress through the degrees or the chairs.  

A lecture at every meeting

Competition for everyone's time is abundant so Columbia Lodge will ensure that we deliver a worthwhile program at every Communication.  A feature of the lodge By-laws is that a paper on the Craft be delivered at every meeting.  We will draw from the vast international talent pool within the Fraternity as well as from academic sources whose focus is the Craft to ensure a compelling program at every meeting.

International Fellowship

The Masonic community is global as is the Columbia network.  Bringing both together is a key objective of Columbia Lodge.  Masonic visitors to New York are all welcome to visit and contribute to this new expression of Masonic zeal and Fellowship.